Songtexte - CD "Seehaus"


Your hair is black now
Your´re coming back now
I will never ask you why
You move your caster
Your running faster
You´re still the first star in the sky

You lean across the counter
I stand right next to the door
You´re looking for an earring
I´m looking at the floor
I can not speak and blow my nose
I try to make some noise
I want to touch your perfect face
I know there is no choice

We are driving in my car
And I take your hand
We are sittting near the lake
And I understand
Between a man and every girl
There is a hidden line
We have to love; we have to hate
We have to see the sign

There is a tree behind your house
We used to stand and kiss
But I know it all the time
There´s something that you miss
And when September comes
The birds they fly away
You are leaving on a bus
But I have to stay

You never write a letter
Never make a call
But birds they´re coming back
The spider has to crawl
I´m living in the attic
I love you more and more
I´m lying there spread-eagled
You open up the door

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King and crown

Look outside the sky is blue
Look into my heart, my love is true
My hair is black, my eyes are brown
I´m the king with the crown

I always trust my luck
Find the key and pick it up
It will surely fit the door
Coming back for some more

Need no whiskey, need no gin
Need no gold, need no tin
I like to laugh, I like to frown
I´m the king with the crown

Sit in the garden, singing my song
I know where I belong
Every mirror shows a clown
I´m the king with the crown

When I feel alone
I will change my zone
Meet a nice girl in the town
I´m the king with the crown

There´s no street, there´s no track
They´re gone and will never come back
Feeling high and feeling down
I´m the king with the crown

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Just one look

Lift your eyebrows
On just one side
Sit on the floor and fill a cup
Your hands flying
In the air
The shining sun will light you up

Just one look
Just in time
Just one look
And I know I´m feeling fine

You jump up
And run around
Sometimes you´re like a hurricane
We are walking
For a while
Suddenly it start´s to rain

Your eyes are shining
On and on
Your voice is sounding soft and deep
You lie beside me
In my bed
Turn around and fall asleep

There are two ways
To look at things
You´ve always been an analyst
Can we live
Without true love
Can we be there and still exist

The sun is gone
You say to me
Beware your love, beware your pride
Leaves are falling
To the ground
Looking for the last delight

You´ve got a sister
Her name is Sue
She has gone to Trinidad
Wednesday morning
Want to go out
Wear your crazy hippie hat

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Marie and Jo

They are hearing what the ocean tells
Nothing there to miss
They are riding on the carousel
And they start to kiss

Marie likes the sunshine
She is feeling so fine
She is turning her face
Right into the right place

Joe is walking downhill
Passing by the old mill
He is so exited
Did the things that he did

Joey he loves Marie
Want to be her would-be
Split the cake in two parts
See inside the two hearts

Marie she loves Johnny-boy
He is so jolly and so coy
Let us start a new gang
Throwing the boomerang

Others have to keep out
Marie wants to shout out loud
Escape into the lowland
Always running hand in hand

The people in the background
Stand together in a round
Jo and Marie move on
Disapear into the dawn

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On the Run

You like to go to
New York City
You like to go to
London Town
And every night you
book a table
Your favourite color
Is dark brown

This is your world
And not mine
So I want to
Like to send
We are not a
happy couple
And the end will
Be the end

May I ask
A little question
May I sit right
Next to you
Do you know
What is important
Do you know
What´s right and true

And my line is
out of order
This will be my
last reply
Give my regards to
your old mother
And never ever
walk on by

So I´ll pack my things
Look into the sun
And I´m free
I´m on the run

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Oh Betty-Lou your eyes are blue
The sky is dark and grey
Oh Betty-Lou you know it´s true
I´ll carry you away
You going to be the star
In Santa Monica

Somewhere in the north
You´re living on a hill
There´s a farmhouse
A cowshed and a mill
When the working day is done
Make some music; have some fun

Joey on the guitar
Daddy plays the fiddle
Amy´s singing harmonie
Your´re standing in the middle
When you sing your little air
Wipe away all pain and care

Hurry up and pack your things
Jump into my car
I´ve got a little country band
We are playing in a bar
Come on Baby leave your cage
Be my singer on the stage

We going to by a fancy dress
With shiny pearls and glitter
Look around and meet some friends
Blame the bloody quitter
We will have a number one
This is gonna be our run

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We lay down and fall asleep
Dreaming of a rainbow sky
The water is so cold and deep
Directed by a firefly

Start a love affaire
Everything to share

On a mountain
Unclimbably and steep
I start to hate my nights and days
You are an eagle
Fly so very high
Coming down to cross my ways

In the desert
Surrounded by despair
I´m falling into destiny
You are a rider
You load your gun
Passing by you fight me free

On an island
I lost my ship
I never planed to die alone
You are a pirate
Hoist your flag
Lift me up just like a stone

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Past decade

All the bills are paid
And your hair is sprayed
A yellow ribbon round the tree
Secrets are mislaid
In a past decade
Out of reach for you and me

Once there was a crazy time
Just one picture in my heart
The happy sun will always shine
We will never fall apart

Everything is perfect´nd new
Invent some funny games
Every thought is wise and true
Walk around, change the names

Why don´t you sleep at night
Talk of pain and fear
Never dim the light
Run around and disappear

Welcome back reality
The end of summer camp
What will be will be
Give away the golden lamp

Two fishes in the water
Separate and turn away
Don´t begin the slaughter
It´s another day

Maybe I got jealous
Maybe you are tired and bored
Maybe you got jealous
Maybe I am tired and bored

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Swing so high

You swing so high
Into the sky
Want to take off; want to fly
There is a click
You don´t feel sick
Just some changes; just a trick

Houses somewhere
Foggy seasons, rain and snow
Cold wind from the north will blow
An old steeple
Standing nearby on the ground
A bunch of beatnicks come around
Light a fire; make a speech
Everything is in reach

Well-known faces
Pack their things and go away
To the city by the Bay
Read a new book
Want to look and find
Words appearing in your mind
Paint a picture; sing a song
You are young and you are strong

Got a silk hat
You got some boxer shoes
Run through the city; sing the blues
Get in trouble
Want to look behind the door
Take it all and still want more
Waiting for a faithful soul
Lost in drugs and rock´n roll

The sun is gone
You are walking through the park
Everything is cold and dark
The glass is empty
The important things are done
No interest left to anyone
Hide yourself into a hole
Lost the feeling to your soul

You swing so high
Into the sky
You take off and you fly
You swing so high
Into the sky
You take off and you fly

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© 2014 All lyrics by Michael Bohnen